MTV Hero Roadies X – Battle for Glory Coming soon 2013

MTV Roadies battle of Glory
The boys are back! But this time in a face- off challenge like nothing one has seen before. The mastermind of MTV Roadies is challenged by the boy who won everyone’s hearts in his debut season – Raghu v/s Rannvijay, will ‘Battle for Glory’ in MTV Hero Roadies Season 10. A brand new concept has been mapped out to take the competition to a new level – ‘MTV Hero Roadies X – Battle for Glory’.

MTV Roadies battle of Glory
This season contestants will need more than just the right attitude to get selected as a Roadie; this time there are 2 teams, the new Roadies selected will be on Rannvijay’s team while Raghu will have a team of ex-Roadies who have had an interesting journey on the show. With a completion of a decade, Roadies will see an ultimate face off between Raghu and Rannvijay where only the strongest will live to tell the tale. Prepare yourself to watch a sensational new season of ‘MTV Hero Roadies X – Battle for Glory’ with a fresh avatar but the same old zeal to win and survive the challenges. Starting 31 October… the gates open for auditions, first stop is - Pune, followed by Delhi, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. And in its 10th year, Roadies enters the new era, where the new struggles with the old for its true place. Is it time for a new generation of Roadies? This question will be answered as Rannvijay, the mainstay of Roadies, takes on the old establishment and its way of getting things done. This season is all about the winds of change, as the new challenges the old in a battle for glory. ”VJ Rannvijay explains, “Raghu and I have always been on the same team. This is the first time that we will be competing against each other due to conflict of opinion. The decade season of MTV Roadies will be packed with excitement and thrill, like all other seasons. I am sure the fans of the show will enjoy and look forward to the season.”
Aditya Swamy, EVP and Business Head – MTV India shares, “This year we celebrate the decade of a cult called Roadies and of our 10 year partnership with Hero. We call this season Roadies X and this signifies a start of a new era in the journey of Roadies. As the new takes on the old, we put to test a very basic question of life. What does it take to win? Politics or Performance. Hai Dum Ladne Ka?”


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