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The mess and the blame game continues in Life OK's Welcome - Baazi Mehmaan Nawaazi Ki

Welcome - Baazi Mehmaan Nawaazi Ki
Welcome Reality show had carried a story earlier this week wherein Gizele Thakral vented out against the ill treatment she received in the hands of Debina Bonnerjee, Dimpy Mahajan and Karanvir Bohra, on Life OK’s show Welcome-Baazi Mehmaan Nawaazi Ki (Miditech).

However, when we called up Karanvir for his side of the story, he just laughed away the accusations hurled at him by Gizele, of being a flirt and a pervert, saying, “Ha Ha Ha she wishes. I'm a very dominating personality...if she thinks this is flirting, then I feel she needs education in flirting... ha ha ha, she is hilarious. ”
Gizele further accused her female co-contestants Dimpy and Debina of misbehaving with her. She had alleged that both the above sexy women had passed snide comments regarding her clothes.

We spoke to Dimpy who fired back saying, “We all including Karanvir and Amar Upadhyay (dinner was at his place during the worst fights) were shocked to see her short skirt given the Gujarati theme. And when did I insult her? Rather, I complimented her on her long legs.”

Did you “peep” inside her skirt as alleged by Gizele? “Ha Ha what a joke, I am a married woman why should I look inside the skirt of another woman.”

She further added, “I don’t want to justify myself for we (Debina and me) unlike Gizele would not comment on someone’s dress depending on the cost. If somebody can’t understand the humour, we can’t help. We all were just having fun.”

Here Dimpy who is also doing Nach Baliye 5 (Star Plus) with better half Rahul Mahajan shared, “Debina will agree with me that on the contrary Gizele was very insulting and was passing rude remarks on us.”

Last but not the least Gizele had also commented on Amar saying he was trying to play insecure Debina against her during the show at his pad. However when we spoke to Amar, he had a different tale to tell.

I was trying to stop the girls from fighting with each other. Actually at one point, I wanted to intervene, but the creatives asked me to keep quiet. But this does not mean they told anyone to say anything. The girls were saying whatever they wished.”

In closing we asked, Amar who was guiltier in the catfight between Gizele and Dimpy –Debina? Amar replied, “Dimpy, for she kept passing remarks at Gizele right from day one. She kept telling her you don’t have a guy, your dressing is wrong according to the occasion and then kept commenting on her body as well. I guess beyond a point anybody will finally lose it. Even with me, Dimpy was too inquisitive trying to find out about my past affairs.”


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