‘MTV Hero Roadies X – Battle for Glory’

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‘MTV Hero Roadies X – Battle for Glory’

The boys are back! But this time in a face- off challenge like nothing one has seen before. The mastermind of MTV Roadies is challenged by the boy who won everyone’s hearts in his debut season – Raghu v/s Rannvijay, will ‘Battle for Glory’ in MTV Hero Roadies Season 10. A brand new concept has been mapped out to take the competition to a new level – ‘MTV Hero Roadies X – Battle for Glory’.

MTV Roadies 1.0 Winner Ranvijay Singh

Ranvijay Singh
MTV Roadies 2.0 Winner Ayushman Khurana

MTV Roadies 3.0 Winner Parul Shahi

Parul Shahi

 MTV Roadies 4.0 Winner Antoney Yeh

Antoney Yeh

MTV Roadies 5.0 Winner Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik

MTV Roadies 6.0 Winner Nauman Sait

Nauman Sait
 MTV Roadies 7.0 Winner Anwar Syed

Anwar Syed
 MTV Roadies 8.0 Winner Aanchal Khurana

Aanchal Khurana

MTV Roadies 9.0 Winner Vikas Khoker

Vikas Khoker


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