Enough is enough; high-time for me to quit Uttaran: Tina Dutta

Tina Dutta is in news these days. First came a report in the media that the channel (Colors) has asked the makers of Uttaran, FilmFarm Productions, to find a replacement for Tina (plays Ichcha in the show) given her snooty and high-ended nature. Later, in an interview, producer Rupali Guha did agree that it gets difficult for her to deal with Tina at times. Following which, our sources shared with us that everything has been sorted out and Tina is not getting replaced in the soap. In all this drama, the person who is being talked about, Tina Dutta remained out of frame and did not come ahead to talk to the press. Well…until now. In a no holds barred chat with Tellychakkar.com, Tina “Ichcha” Dutta spoke her heart out.

Firstly, we asked her on being a tantrum queen. “This is entirely wrong and a made-up statement. If I was such a tantrum queen, then why am I still a part of Uttaran since the last four years? I should have been thrown out na. I think whatever is being written and said about me is a well orchestrated negative campaign.”

Is she talking about the production house? “No, not the production house but the production team. They have personal grudges and they use professional means to vindicate me. Actually, Rupali and Pintoo (Guha) half of the time don’t even get to know about the negative things happening on the sets. You tell me one thing…if someone wears a small size blouse and the production team gives her to wear an extra large one, then how will she look in the camera? Hooks are broken and they say…pallu toh hain na…camera pe kuch nahin dikhega…will they say such things to their own sisters and mother? Tell me…and the worst part is when I complain to Rupali and Pintoo, they are not ready to listen anything but say, ‘problems happen always with you for you are very finicky.’ They always tell that I am at fault. This is seriously not done.”

So how does she feel about the entire development? “My heart bleeds. I have been so committed to Uttaran. Other actors have come and gone and then again come back, but I have always been faithful to my project. After so many years of hard work, this is what I get in return? Very sad. I have let go many opportunities because of Uttaran. I was offered to play a female lead in a Life OK show, money was good, and I had a yearlong contract. I told the production house in December that I want to quit, but they cajoled me to stay on. I have even let go movie offers for Uttaran. Recently, I was asked to perform in Star Big Entertainment Awards. But Colors asked me not to perform there as I am the face of the channel and they needed me to perform in Golden Petal Awards. But when the awards happened, they did not call me for any performance. Can you believe it?”

Tina is certainly hurt…so what is her plan of action from here on? “I think enough is enough and it’s high-time for me to quit Uttaran. Things are getting difficult with each passing day. If I am so finicky and a tantrum queen, then ask the makers why am I still in the show in spite of putting in papers four times earlier. It’s time to move on.”

But doesn’t she think with all this negative publicity…it will be difficult for her to seek work? “I don’t know. But let me tell you…I belong to a very established business family and my father will be very happy if I stop working so much and be with him. Acting is not the only essential thing in life. I would love to settle down but I am too young to get married. Let’s see what happens from here on. I just want to thank my fans for being with me. I love them all.”
Well…Tina…life goes on…


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