Shilpa Anand quotes I am more glamorous in real life than what I appear on screen

Shilpa Anand
Shilpa Anand
The ‘Dill Mill Gayye’ girl Shilpa Anand’s long-awaited Bollywood return might finally happen on the Valentine’s Day this year (2013) with the release of her romantic thriller Bloody Isshq.
When contacted, Shilpa told us, “As of now we have been informed of this date by the Producer. We hope to tap into the 14th International Lover’s Day mood.”
On her character in the movie, Shilpa stated, “I play a simple, sweet and innocent housewife. This is all that I can say at the moment as I want the suspense factor to play on people’s minds. We have shot extensively in Thailand. One of my songs Hawa Laage have been picturized on some of the beautiful locales of Bangkok.”
Shilpa went on to accept that, “The lack of bigger names in the movie might affect its box office chances. The lead guy Akash is new, and is the Producer’s son. Having said this, as we have a good story line and a talented Director in Arup Dutta of Morning Walk fame, we might strike gold at the ticket counter as well.”
Shilpa who loves to dress in shorts and glamorous dresses in real life never gets a chance to show that side of her personality to the viewers. “Just like Dill Mill Gayye, I am dressed in traditional attire in Bloody Isshq as well. I had a sexier look in my other Bollywood project Alert 24*7 which unfortunately has got stuck.”
Shilpa who had earlier made her big screen debut with Iqraar By Chance before stepping into the small screen shared, “I am already in talks with a few TV people and if everything works out, I might soon make a full-fledged comeback in the small screen.”
For Shilpa, “TV is instant name, fame and stardom while in films, the same happens only if you become a big star. There is another set of people who want to prove their mettle and I belong to this school of thought.”
Shilpa we wish you all the very best for Bloody Isshq.
Shilpa Anand
Shilpa Anand


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