Niyati and Amber's children to run away from home in Niyati

Currently, the story in Niyati (Creative Eye) is revolving around Natasha’s (Parakh Madan) murder however soon the story will focus on Amber (Sachin Shroff) and Niyati (Jayshree Soni). And the audience will witness constant fights between the couple.

As per a reliable source since Amber and Niyati will get back together after five years there will be difference of opinion which will lead to constant fights between them. These fights will trouble their children Duggu and Fruti and they will run away from the house.

The kids will meet Mr Kumar (Producer Dheeraj Kumar) who is Ambar’s father’s friend hence; he will inform him about his kids. But, when Amber reaches Mr. Kumar’s place to get back his kids they refuse to go with him. This is when the wise man sits down explaining Amber and Niyati the importance of a relationship only to get them back together.

hen contacted Jayshree she said, “I am not aware of this track but yes, Dheeraj ji is shooting with us.”


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