Kinshuk Mahajan Aka Pintoo Singh Aka Ranvir, TV actor, Afsar Bitiya, Bidaai

Kinshuk Mahajan Aka Pintoo Singh
Kinshuk's Personal Life:
Kinshuk Mahajan born on 17th April 1986. He  is an Indian actor and model, who appears in Indian soaps. His parents are Arun and Poonam Mahajan. Kinshuk studied in Dehli Public School and lives in Supreme Enclave in Delhi.

Kinshuk's  Early Career:
Kinshuk subsequently acted in another serial Dhoom Machaao Dhoom on Disney. Kinshuk has also done a small role in a Hindi film, Delhii Heights as a teenage boy. Kinshuk has also done commercial modeling for Bausch & Lomb, FDDI, and print modeling for Airtel, Nokia, British Council, Pedigree and GNIIT. After these assignments he became very famous with his role ' Ranvir.
Kinshuk Mahajan Aka Pintoo Singh
Kinshuk's Television:
Kinshuk started his television career by bagging the role of Ranvir in Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai. Kinshuk was one among the four protagonists of the serial, the other three being Angad Hasija, Parul Chauhan and Sara Khan playing roles of Aalekh(brother of Ranvir), Ragini(plays Ranvir's wife) and Sadhna( Ranvir's bhabhi), respectively. Kinshuk has recently joined the cast of Chand Chupa Badal Mein in which he will do the role of a Psycho who is obsessed in love for his wife Nivedita played by Neha sargam. Recently he worked in Afsar Bitiya as Pintoo Singh.


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