Sakshi Tanwar quotes Bade Achhe Lagta hai bonus period in my life

Sakshi Tanwar
Sakshi Tanwar is no stranger to success. The actress, who was once the nation's favourite bahu, has done variety of roles in her 12 year career span.

But after Kahaani.. got over the actress saw a dry spell for some time however soon Ekta Kapoor introduced her as a new character Priya in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, which once again proved her acting mettle. The duo of Ekta and Sakshi, have teamed up yet again with a unique promotional paranormal series EK Thi Naayka on Life OK. In a candid chat, Sakshi Tanwar talks about success, career in films and marriage.

How does it feel to be one of the top actresses of the TV industry?

I feel like a newcomer everyday because even now if there is an important scene I like to take Ekta's narration. In fact she at times fails to understand this that in spite of being in the industry for almost 12 years, I still wait for narrations from her. I hope that till the time I am working I am as honest as sincere to my work as I was on day 1 when I had no idea of whether I will be perusing acting as a career.

Sakshi Tanwar
Tell us something about your rapport with Amrita (Pihu Of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain)?
She is adorable. She doesn't let me think that I am not her mother because she sometimes sits on my head, she suddenly hugs me and sits in my lap. At times she treats me like her age and sometimes she becomes my age so she even argues with me as an adult. I have to do everything for her from coloring her drawing book to telling her stories. I have invented a mini story telling where I call a fictitious bird and she actually thinks that there is a bird that I can communicate with. It's a wonderful relationship that we share. Sometimes I even scold her but that is the levy that her mother as only given to me as she knows that I am very fond of her. Most of our scenes are beyond scripts because they are mostly based on our rapport which happens instantly. She is a smart kid and she likes to impromptu improvise which makes the scene very natural.

With time does it get tougher to find new things to do on TV?

No definitely not. I definitely shouldn't be saying that as I got Bade Achhe Lagte Hain after 8 years of doing Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and this was a totally different role. Then I also did a grey shade in Balika Vadhu and hosted Crime Patrol so I have been very fortunate. I would like to say that one have to just wait for right things to happen at right time and not just rush. I also did a show called Devi which had elements of supernatural but it was not in the zone of horror. It was a totally different role and my character had super natural powers so I have been very lucky to have experienced a wide range of roles. What more can an actor ask for.

Do you think the options have narrowed for you on Television?

After being seen on television for 12 years do you really think so? No, I don't agree to this because with the shows whether it was Kahaani or Bade I think I am one of the luckiest actors to have got different shades to portray within the character so certainly not. And also I have full faith in my talent so I don't think that I should anytime be worried about.

In spite of doing popular roles on TV and achieving success, don't you think you took too long to get into films?
No. I never planned my career had I planned it that way I think then it would have mattered. I was just sitting at my home and was planning a month long vacation abroad when I got a call from Mr. Dwivedi for the film Mohalla Assi so finally the vacation did not happen as by the time I completed the film, Bade Achhe happened.

So you are not looking for a career in films?
Currently, I am not looking at anything anywhere because honestly I had no plans of reaching even here or planning this. I have been extremely blessed I would say, God has been very kind to me. I never even thought that after Kahani there would be such a similar phase in my career because the kind of success that I saw with Kahani was enough for me to last a lifetime. I really did not need anything after that. It was on-air for eight years and on top and it gave me so much respect, love, adulation from the people who made me a part of their family. So anywhere in the world I would go I would never be alone what more can a person ask for. So I was happily sitting at home enjoying my break whatever is happening with Bade Achhe the second innings of my career as you all want to call it is the bonus period in my life. In a way I can say it that I am reaping the benefits of my hard work, dedication and sincerity of those years. Today I am in a very comfortable position with audience connect and their trust. I sometimes feel that I have not done enough to earn so much love and respect but God has been kind.

Ram and Priya found love in arrange marriage. Do you believe in love or arrange marriage. And is marriage on cards?

I believe in all that what God has planned for me so once I execute only I will be able to answer this.


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