Cast and crew of Amrit Manthan bereaves with Adaa Khan

Adaa Khan
Life Ok's Amrit Manthan completes 300 episodes today but there are no celebrations planned.

The cast and crew won't be celebrating today as Adaa Khan who plays Amrit in the show, lost her mother last night.

When called up Ankita Sharma aka Nimrit she said, "I am very happy that Amrit Manthan is completing 300 episodes. These days it is very hard for a show to complete 300 episodes so this is big for us, and I hope that we complete 300 more episodes but no we are not celebrating this event."

When called Navi Bhangu aka Agam said that he was very happy that the show has reached so far, "I am very happy, we recently celebrated 100 episodes, then 200 and now 300. I hope the show reaches far. Unfortunately, we are not celebrating it today as our co-star Adaa lost her mother last night. May God help her and her family through this hard time". 


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