TV actress Simran Sachdeva walks out of Shapath over payment issues

Simran Sachdeva
B P Singh’s Fireworks Productions has produced one of the longest running shows on Indian television, namely CID on Sony Entertainment Television. But we hear that problems have gripped their other venture on Life OK, Hum Ne Li Hai … Shapath.

The latest news is that Simran Sachdeva, who was playing a female cop in the show, has walked out due to delay in payments and also for profanities uttered on the sets. Simran joined the Shapath team in September 2012 but by January 2013, she decided to quit.

hen we noticed that actress’ vanishing act from the show, we called her and this is what she said, “Yes, I have quit the show as I had issues with the working condition that weren’t suitable for a girl.”When asked what exactly she meant by working condition, she replied, “One of the directors was very abusive on the sets. I had informed about the same to the concerned people, but nothing happened. When you’re the only girl in a team that is majorly run by men, things do get difficult.”

Simran Sachdeva
This is not it, since I wasn’t even getting my cheques on time, I started reporting late on the sets. And I had made this clear to the team.”We also got in touch with the production team who told us, “She never turned up on time and threw a lot of tantrums. That is why we asked her to leave without even giving her a proper exit.”When contacted, producer BP Singh said, “One can never have monetary issues with our production house.”


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