Jwalamukhi steps into mom Chandramukhi’s shoes

Chitrashi Rawat will be seen soon in FIR as Jwalamukhi Chautala

Chitrashi Rawat
TV show 'FIR' is back in a new avatar — with a leap of 20 years and a new protagonist named 'Jwalamukhi', played by Chitrashi Rawat. With the crime rate in Ravanpur steadily on the rise, an otherwise innocent and docile Jwalamukhi transforms into a fiery woman, who fights for what's right. Ravanpur's crime rate spiralled out of control after Chandramukhi Chautala was transferred years ago.

The situation becomes so serious that it demands someone as fierce as Chandramukhi. That's when Jwalamukhi enters. Says Chitrashi, "It feels great to play the successor of Chandramukhi Chautala. My role is that of a sweet, shy and bespectacled girl, who believes in pleasing people. She turns into a super woman whenever she sees atrocities committed against women. That's when viewers will see the resemblance between me and my mother."

Along with Chitrashi, the show also stars Gopi Bhalla, Sandeep Anand, Sapna Shikarwar, Dipesh Bhan, Manju Sharma, Prana Mishra, Mohit Mattu, Suresh Chatwal and Nirmal Soni. Anooj Kapoor, EVP and business head of the channel, says, "The 20-year leap has been conceived to add more elements of entertainment to the show. We are confident that with the new cast and a progressive storyline, the viewers will continue to enjoy the show."

FIR airs every Saturday at 9 pm on SAB TV.
Chitrashi Rawat


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