Sweet Benaf Dadachandji

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Sweet Benaf Dadachandji

Benaf Dadachandji
The very talented actress Benaf Dadachandji is a versatile artiste and appears in various shows of Indian Television. Currently she is seen essaying the role of Baby in the blockbuster show `Baa Bahu Aur Baby`. She plays the seventh and the youngest child of the family and is a handicapped child by birth. She is shown to be suffering from polio and always walks with the help of crutches. She is strong-willed, righteous and rebellious and is also known as the junior `jogmaiya` or leader by her beloved siblings. Because of her strong and fearless attitude also she is greatly respected by her tiny companions. She is the one who has the guts to stand up to the oldest member of the family Baa and secretly cherishes a soft corner for Anish.

In one of the other hit show of the popular Star Plus channel called `Hello Dollie` Benaf Dadachadji played the role of Lopa who was the best friend of the female protagonist Dollie Suri. She was also regarded as the secret box of Dollie. She claimed that this was one of the most favorite characters in her acting career so far. This talented soul has also made her presence felt in the hugely popular teen show `Remix` where she was seen in a brief appearance in the character portrayal of Yamini. She befriends Yuvi on the request of his dead and tries to draw his attention in politics. Later when the truth dawns on Yuvi she leaves him and goes away.

Benaf Dadachadji has already made his mark in the Bollywood Film Industry. She has meted out a brilliant performance in the Bollywood flick in the Bollywood flick `Halo` which released in the year 1997. She was also seen in the Television series `Nazrana` which saw the light of the day in the year 2002. The way this actress receives love from all the television viewers by her splendid performances is indeed praiseworthy.


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