Gurdip and Arjun Punj Valentine's Day Special

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Gurdip and Arjun Punj Valentine's Day Special

Gurdip and Arjun Punj
It’s Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and I could sense it as soon as I entered The Office and was welcomed by the young and handsome couple - the erstwhile television actor Arjun Punj in a pink shirt on jeans and his beautiful wife Gurdip Kohli who had teamed a pair of red narrow pants with a black sleeveless top. Now I am sure you are curious at all the discrepancies in that opening sentence.

For one I still don’t attend any office, The Office I am talking about here is a resto bar located in Oshiwara, Mumbai secondly I had the actor couple welcoming me for dining with them instead of the other way around – yes, you heard it right for Arjun and Gurdip have turned into restaurateurs and it was at their resto bar that I was invited to dine with them. Thirdly, I said erstwhile because Arjun is concentrating on running his restaurants (he has one more called 36 ml) now though he is open to acting offers.

Gurdip and Arjun Punj
The Office resto bar is nestled in a street teeming with umpteen restaurants but manages to hold its own with its classy facade that would tempt office goers to march in, the roominess to allow elbow space, lip-smacking food and of course its name is a big draw which according to the owners, “We wanted it to have a name with a connotation. After gruelling work hours people often want to enjoy a drink before going home but they are sceptic about their spouse’s reaction. If they are here, they can comfortably tell their folks at home ‘I am in The Office,’ without lying and not come under the scanner,” winks Arjun. That’s a smart name you have come up with guys!

Besides the bar chairs, the restaurant also has comfortable seating along the periphery, a huge screen to play sports channel as you enjoy your sip of cocktails and mocktails. My glass of bartender’s special with a caramel base had a smooth, soothing effect as we munched from the huge Masala Naan sprinkled with finely chopped tomatoes and onions. Veg Ceasar Salad was scrumptious with croutons and fresh lettuce in veg mayonnaise.

We started with Achari Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Aloo Paneer Puran in which baby potatoes were grilled in a light medium spicy marinade, rolled over black sesame. Then appeared Tandoori Pomfret which was grilled to perfection and Murgh Makhmali Sheekh accompanied with potato mash and boiled veggies comprising of broccoli, zucchini, carrot and cauliflower. The accompabying onions here mentioned Arjun were not sliced or shredded but whole red onion

Best of Luck Nikki on Disney Channel and a cookery show by celeb mom Gurdip on Zee’s Khana Khazana keeps her fairly busy while she gets to be a hands-on mom too to her two-year-old daughter Meher who is into pre-school. Gurdip also debuted into Hindi film industry with Rowdy Rathore where she played a cop. Both are doting parents while Gurdip, with whom the kid spends most of her time, makes sure of the right upbringing by not giving in to all her whims.

V Day and not talk about being romantic is impossible. Here we go:

Are they good at surprising each other?

Gurdip squeals, “Oh No! Arjun’s surprises have been shocking (one instance: before marriage, he once landed up at a shoot to surprise Gurdip but her mother who did not know about their relationship had accompanied her) and I can’t hold a surprise as I always end up spilling the beans.”

How about gifts?

Again the lady says, “He is very good at it. Once he took me to a car showroom and asked me how I liked a particular sedan but before I could check out other cars, I realised he had already booked this one to gift me as the papers were ready.” And who doesn’t like a gift of a sedan baby!

The main course of Tandoori rotis, Diwani Handi of fresh vegetables in a velvety gravy and Yellow Dal Tadka saw me in good stead but my hosts avoided going beyond pomfret and murgh sheekh (they have a figure to maintain, you see). I was offered an eye-catching dessert of Kesar Kheer – piping hot phirni in a martini glass, topped with pistas and cherry.


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